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B-Ready Pods

Available for all ages!

Our learning pods are best suited for homeschool families who want even more flexibility than our micro-school. Our Pods are 100% personalized and look differently based on family needs. Our team will assist you in finding the best location and teacher for a pod near you! Pods can take place in a home, park, or local community center!  
Build your own learning pod in just 6 weeks!
Learning pods include:
  • A trained/background-checked teacher
  • 1:5 max teacher-to-student ratio
  • Your location choice 
  • Access to a certified reading specialist and SPED teacher

  • Annual homeschool evaluation completed 

  • Annual Homeschool portfolio completed 

  • Full access to online learning platforms (K-5) 

  • All learning supplies and materials included 

  • Access to B-Ready Academy Field Trips and Fun Fridays

  • Discount on B-Ready Academy 1:1 tutoring sessions

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