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Why choose us?

B-Ready Academy strives to provide a flexible and unique learning experience.  Our alternative methods differ from traditional schooling! Families have the autonomy to decide which learning experience will best fit their child's learning needs.  We want to provide a different learning experience for students and families. We believe learning happens everywhere and we are committed to supporting the needs of all learning types. 


Full-Time Learner

Attends the MicroSchool: Four days a week. 

Monday - Thursday

9am- 2pm

Drop off: 8:45 am


Full hands-on engaging Curriculum

access to a robust enrichment program

access to online learning platforms 

Daily 1:1 instruction by a certified teacher

Independent learning kit 

2-3 Drop-off, Field trips a month

progress reports and report cards

Yearly learning portfolio 

Annual home school evaluation

Monthly Tuition: $1,317


Part-Time Learner

Attends the MicroSchool: Two days a week. 


Monday and Wednesday


Tuesday and Thursday

Part-Time learners receive all the same learning experiences as full-time learners. 

Part-time learners will have access to online learning platforms for at-home days. 

Monthly Tuition: $658


Fun Fridays!

 Fun Fridays at school are additional days for students to engage in new experiences that student-based interest led! 

Class options vary from month to month!


Fun Fridays at school are twice a month 

Cost: $100/month, registered part-time students. 

$140/month, non-registered students.


 *Homeschoolers who do not attend our school part-time or full-time are welcome to join us for fun Fridays or field trips*

*first come first serve*

Interested in teaching a Friday class?
Click here!

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We proudly accept
The Family Empowerment Scholarship
(Formerly Gardiner)

Click here to learn more

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