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Why choose us?

B-Ready Academy offers a truly unique and flexible education, unlike traditional schools. We empower families to choose the learning experience that best suits their child's needs. We recognize that learning can happen anywhere and we support a wide range of learning styles. Our commitment is to provide a safe and nurturing environment where students can thrive and reach their full potential.

Full-Time Learner

Four days a week

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  • Immersive, hands-on curriculum designed to ignite curiosity and foster active learning engagement.

  • Unparalleled access to a dynamic enrichment program, tailored to inspire exploration and innovation.

  • Daily personalized instruction delivered by certified educators, ensuring every learner receives the individualized support they deserve.

  • Elevating education with "Fun Fridays," where creativity and excitement take center stage in our learning journey.

  • Immersive field trips, expanding horizons beyond the classroom and sparking real-world connections.

  • Transparent progress reports, providing families with invaluable insights into their child's academic journey and achievements.

  • Cultivating lifelong learning with yearly learning portfolios, showcasing each student's unique growth and accomplishments.

  • Annual homeschool evaluations, empowering families with comprehensive assessments and collaborative insights for continuous improvement.

$1498 per Month

Part-Time Learner

 Two days a week! 

Monday and Wednesday -or-Tuesday and Thursday


Part-time learners enjoy the same comprehensive learning experiences as their full-time counterparts.

Access to online learning platforms is provided for at-home days.

$794 per Month

 Hours Of Operation

Monday - Thursday: 8:45 am - 2:45 pm 

Friday: 8:45 am- 1:00 pm

After- Care / Tutoring Hours

Monday - Thursday : 3 pm- 5 pm


Fun Fridays!

 Fun Fridays at school are additional days for students to engage in new experiences that are

student-based and  interest-led! Fun Fridays are included in tuition and open to all our homeschoolers, including B-Ready learning pods and tutoring students.  

$120/month for non-micro-school students. 

Classes vary from month to month.

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We proudly accept
The Family Empowerment Scholarship
(Formerly Gardiner)
*limited spots available*

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