B-Ready Academy strives to provide a flexible and unique learning experience. Our alternative methods differ from traditional schooling, which allows for more family autonomy in scheduling lessons. We want to provide a different learning experience for students and families. One where families have more autonomy in the number of hours spent learning outside of the home, we believe learning happens everywhere! and we are committed to supporting different learning needs


Monday through Thursday from 9:30 AM to 3 PM


Trimester 1: September 13th - December 17th

Trimester 2: January 4th - April 15th 

Trimester 3: April 25th - June 30th

We have educational drop-off field trips on select Fridays!

Which B-Ready Learner will your child be?

Our Curriculum is a combination between Direct Learning Instruction, Play, and Project-Based Learning. Students will learn from a wide range of curriculum from Writing by design to  Lucy Calkins; Teachers College, Fundations, and Bridges math. Our curriculum choices allow for a solid foundation in reading, writing, and math. with this strong foundation, we are then able to layer science, social studies, creative arts and most importantly begin to unravel student high interest through our project-based learning

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We strive to provide an experience that is equitable and prepares our students for a long future ahead. We want to build a reality for students where their personal interests and the real world collide with school in engaging meaningful projects. From learning how to start a bracelet business of coding, students will build skills to be lifelong learners and true future leaders versed in an array of topics. 

Sample Schedule 

9:30 AM

Morning Meeting

Social-Emotional Learning


10:00 AM

Station Learning

Direct Reading

Writing and Math Instruction


11:30 AM

Snack Time

11:50 AM

Enrichment Class (cooking/dance)

12:45 PM

Lunch and Choice Time

1:30 PM 

Project and Play-Based Learning

2:30 PM

Closing Meeting

2:45 PM


The B-Ready Learner

B-Ready Academy is located in-person at East Boca and provides services to students ages 4-9 years old. We provide a flexible learning experience, that is engaging, safe, and interactive. Learning is contagious at B-Ready and we guarantee your child will build a love for learning at our school.     

HomeSchooling Connections

A Full-Time Learner attends the MicroSchool: Four days a week Monday- Thursday 9:30 AM- 3 PM for all 3 Trimesters. 


A Part-Time Learner attends the Micro School; Two days a week 9:30- 3 pm.- Option to choose MW or TTH

All students are invited to join us FUN FRIDAYS at school!!!

Friday's at school is an additional day for students to engage in new experiences that are led with student-based interest. Class options vary from month to month. Fun Fridays at school are twice a month and field trip Fridays are twice a month. 

*Homeschoolers who do not attend our school part-time or full time are welcome to join us for fun Fridays or field trips . **first come first serve**

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