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Support us today
Click below to donate to our classroom furniture, student learning materials, and teacher supplies.

"You're part of something way bigger, bigger than you, bigger than me"- Beyonce

While our families have committed to a private education we need our school to be warm, inviting and have all the supplies our students deserve before school even begins. As a private school, we do not receive state funding. It is in this respect that we have seen the need to request donations for school materials.


Our primary goal as a Micro-school is to provide a quality education that meets high standards. Your support will assist us to attain the quality standards we have set for our school.

Your contribution will help Founder Brittany Jean who is committed to changing the face of education;  be able to set the foundation for the functioning of B-Ready Academy Micro school. Our students and families will greatly appreciate your donation for school materials.


Thank you in advance for believing in our school and what we plan to bring to Florida and one day... The World! 

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