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Summer Experience

Social Power 

Kids Playing Tug of War

All students will engage in developing and enhancing strong social-emotional skills. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to build core life skills through activities that foster creative play and social connection. Our Social Power class will teach children how to cope with difficult tasks, communicate effectively, and over time, provide opportunities for directing their own actions with decreasing adult supervision.

Literacy and Power

Kids Reading Book in Park

Our students will engage in themed learning weeks, that will ignite their love of learning. Through Interactive games and lessons, students will review foundational skills and close any learning gaps they may be experiencing.  Students will sharpen their reading and math toolbox with new learning strategies and approach learning in a new and exciting way. 

Power Hour

Kids Blowing Bubbles

Our goal this summer is to build independence in our students. We want them to own their learning, and self-identify strengths and areas of growth, all while developing a strong voice to articulate who they are as learners!

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