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B-Ready Academy MicroSchool


B-Ready Academy is a non-traditional micro-school committed to utilizing children's strengths to help them reach their maximum potential. At our core, consistency is the key to molding future leaders who communicate effectively and display what it means to deeply care for themselves, others, and the world around them. Our collaborative methods give children a safe place to be themselves, celebrate their differences, and tap into their creative interests. Our children can view their potential beyond academia and learn with their interests as a driving force.

We are fully committed to cultivating the mindset of a lifelong learner in every child who walks through our doors.

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Everybody Loves B-Ready

I am very impressed with the progress my son has made in such a short time learning with Ms. Brittany. She is very creative with her teachings! I love how she integrates my son's name in all of the activities so that he can recognize and learn to write his name. I highly recommend Ms. Brittany!!

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