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Ms. Brittany Jean


Grade level specialization:

Pre-K through 3rd, General and Special Education

Content specialization:

English Language Arts: Reading and Writing

Years as the lead teacher in a classroom:


Qualifications and experience:

BA Speech and Language Pathology 

MA Special Education

SPED Certified Teacher

Trained in Picture Exchange Communication System

Founder of B-Ready Learning

Fun Facts

I have been traveling the world solo since 2016! I play the trumpet and Clarinet fluently. 

I enjoy listening to podcasts and absolutely LOVE Target! (Every educator's a happy place!)

What her colleagues say:

“She is organized, she thinks quickly on her feet, she's flexible and reliable. Brittany often is thinking of new ways to engage her students which further drives academic results.” - Colleen Regan Special Education Teacher

“Brittany is thoughtful and creative. She does everything with purpose and always has her student's success and best interest at heart. Brittany brings joy to learning and teaching. She is enthusiastic, positive, and caring. Brittany also holds her students to high expectations. She believes in each and every one of them, meets them where they are, and supports all their individual needs.”- D'asia Adger Dean of Students at Achievement First Bushwick

“What I can say is that Brittany starts every day with a plan. She is very organized and intentionally plans all parts of the day to be more proactive and less reactive. Her planning ahead makes the day run smoothly even when unforeseen circumstances may arise.  In addition to her great organization skills, Brittany approaches students and colleagues with enthusiasm and pure passion for the craft of teaching. She quickly and effortlessly builds rapport with students, their families, and her school team. It is easy to trust Brittany's judgment, collaborate, and support her decisions.”- Dr. Sade Johnson Principal of Achievement First Crown Heights

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